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My Fix

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a warm cinnamon muffin, the warmth of a cup of mint hot cocoa, and the appeal of a fresh banana and good book to brighten my morning. It may be cold and gloomy outside (my favorite weather, actually), but I’m nice and cozy in my favorite bookstore’s cafe. […]

Dessert & Poetry 2

Is there anything better than a plate of delicious little tarts and a good book of interesting poetry? I’m sitting in a lovely little cafe called Le Pain Quotidien near Dupont Circle in Washington, DC, enjoying my sweets (pictured above) with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a book of poetry by Aracelis Girmay […]

Love Letters! 2

The other day, I checked out Gail Bederman’s book Manliness and Civilization for some research, and I found LOVE LETTERS (and an assortment of other notes) in it. It was such a wonderful surprise — not just because I’m a nosy kind of person and enjoy little glimpses into other people’s lives, but also because the notes were […]

“are you happy?”

I’m reading a book I picked up at the local library — a book that had such a cute cover that I just had to touch it, and whose description claims that its style is a cross between The Little Prince and The Alchemist (both of which I greatly enjoyed). So…well, I took it home […]