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winter treat

Two snow days in a row — I’m so happy I had the chance to get some work done (and also enjoy the beautiful snow outside). So here’s a little poetic treat on this winter night. It’s one of Nikki Giovanni’s from her newest collection, Chasing Utopia, and is one of my current faves: “Podcast […]

holidays, winter, pretty lights

So Christmastime has come and gone, and the aftermath of the magic of the holidays has left me feeling a bit glum. The pretty lights have been taken down, I’ve left California behind for another several months, and the chill of Ohio has begun to seep into my soul. In an attempt to help improve […]

springtime, travel time, break time

*tick*   *tick*   *tick* Time is slipping away from me bit by bit. I’m working my way through my reading list for my candidacy exams, and it’s making the days disintegrate into slivers of time between classes, office hours, bus rides, and planned gym time. It’s like I’m living my life in snatches, but they’re […]

SNOW DAY!! Yesterday, I experienced my first ever snow day. What a wonderful surprise to wake up to find a message in my inbox that told me OSU was closed due to snow and ice. Hooray! So Mike and I wandered around our area. We went across the street to a beautiful old Catholic seminary […]

A DISTURBANCE. That’s what they call the 3+ inches of snow we’re supposed to get tonight. How funny! This place has the most curious things. A post office with a nuclear fallout shelter sign on it, indicating that in case of nuclear holocaust, 52 people from the good village of Worthington can hang out in […]

I’m trying to relearn what it means to relax. It’s strange not having anything I’m required to read, or papers looming over my head. Today I crawled back into bed when the weather got cold outside, and I read for a couple of hours. It was absolutely wonderful! Right now it’s snowing outside and it’s […]