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chinese apples

I was catching up with one of my favorite poets, Li-Young Lee, and came across his poem “Persimmons” on the Poetry Foundation’s website. There’s one delightful line where he refers to persimmons as “Chinese apples,” which I think is just great. It’s hard to explain how beautiful the poem is — the way it flows from one […]

Studio What?

I recently ended up at Studio 35, Clintonville’s neat old movie theater. The lobby fees more like a friend’s basement than anything, what with the couches and people standing around drinking beer. It was actually a really great night out (even though we watched Ides of March which was not to my taste). The theater […]

holidays, winter, pretty lights

So Christmastime has come and gone, and the aftermath of the magic of the holidays has left me feeling a bit glum. The pretty lights have been taken down, I’ve left California behind for another several months, and the chill of Ohio has begun to seep into my soul. In an attempt to help improve […]

springtime, travel time, break time

*tick*   *tick*   *tick* Time is slipping away from me bit by bit. I’m working my way through my reading list for my candidacy exams, and it’s making the days disintegrate into slivers of time between classes, office hours, bus rides, and planned gym time. It’s like I’m living my life in snatches, but they’re […]