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Love Letters! 2

The other day, I checked out Gail Bederman’s book Manliness and Civilization for some research, and I found LOVE LETTERS (and an assortment of other notes) in it. It was such a wonderful surprise — not just because I’m a nosy kind of person and enjoy little glimpses into other people’s lives, but also because the notes were […]

Oh, Deer Me!

I’m sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops in Columbus — a great little place called Impero Coffee, located in the Short North — and I managed to snag my favorite table. Impero changes their art a few times a year, and it wasn’t until I’d gotten myself situated, put the cream cheese on […]

This is my life… 2

I’m sitting in the downtown Cup O Joe (a local coffee shop chain) in a swath of sunlight working on my diss. Yes, I’ve taken to calling my dissertation my diss because, well, it seems somehow appropriate. So here I am, and I look up from my table and realize how beautiful this particular coffee […]

Busy, Busy

The past couple of weeks, I have been super busy with conferences, teaching, and writing. I went to the Society of American Indians (SAI) Centennial Symposium at OSU, where I saw Joy Harjo (pictured above), Monique Mojica, and LeAnne Howe perform and had the privilege of listening to scholars like Phil Deloria and Robert Warrior […]