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winter treat

Two snow days in a row — I’m so happy I had the chance to get some work done (and also enjoy the beautiful snow outside). So here’s a little poetic treat on this winter night. It’s one of Nikki Giovanni’s from her newest collection, Chasing Utopia, and is one of my current faves: “Podcast […]

ETMCA: the Code Artist

Today the LA-based artist ETMCA, also known as the Code Artist, announced the locations of some of his artwork in Venice. ETMCA has been doing a series called Discovery Art that involves placing portions of a larger art piece at undisclosed locations for people to “discover” and keep. This particular installment of his Discovery Art […]

chinese apples

I was catching up with one of my favorite poets, Li-Young Lee, and came across his poem “Persimmons” on the Poetry Foundation’s website. There’s one delightful line where he refers to persimmons as “Chinese apples,” which I think is just great. It’s hard to explain how beautiful the poem is — the way it flows from one […]