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Yesterday some friends and I got into a debate about what the opposite of "ambidextrous" would be. Monodextrous? Solodextrous? Just plain dexterous? It turns out we were all wrong. See, we were operating under the erroneous assumption that the "-dextrous" part of the word had something to do with skill or proficiency — you know, […]

O, Buzzfeed, how I do love thee!

I recently got a comment on one of my posts at idreamwords, and guess what? The author shared this video with me! It’s super short and very entertaining, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard at leastĀ half of these. The ones I’m most familiar with: Where are you really from? (when I […]

My Paper Addiction

Well, I really like writing letters and it appears I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to stationery. Recently, I located several really cool stationery subscription services. I used to use Lost Crates, but they’ve gone out of business (unfortunately). However, their end led me to discover some really amazing services. Although I can’t afford […]

Happiness is…

…when one of your favorite hangouts starts serving hot chocolate. When there are fresh flowers on your table, even though it’s wintry outside. And when you get to sit in your favorite spot with the sun shining in your back and a small plate of cookies at your elbows. To top it off, you had […]

Simple pleasures

It turns out there are just a few simple pleasures I need in order to be relatively happy, and most of them are in this photo: letters to write, sweets to eat, a little bit of nature, my bike (those are the keys to my bike lock sitting on The Perks of Being a Wallflower), […]

High Five!

I’m sitting in a great establishment called High Five Coffee Bar in Asheville, North Carolina (my new home). The next couple of hours are spread out before me, as you can see: letter writing, reading, eating some awesome local granola, and drinking a great cup of hot chocolate. I’m stoked that this place is less […]