This is my life… 2



I’m sitting in the downtown Cup O Joe (a local coffee shop chain) in a swath of sunlight working on my diss. Yes, I’ve taken to calling my dissertation my diss because, well, it seems somehow appropriate. So here I am, and I look up from my table and realize how beautiful this particular coffee shop is. You wanna know what that first picture is? It’s the ceiling. More specifically, it’s the beautiful white cloth spirals draped from the high ceiling. The second picture? That’s what I see every time I look up from my page. Which, incidentally, is what the last picture in this post shows: my diss in progress. About a year ago I started writing it by hand, so that mess o’ lined paper is my current chapter. Anyway, here it is, midwinter, and I’m sitting in a gorgeous, sunny cafe writing my brains out. It’s quite lovely, really. I have to hand it to Columbus — it’s a good hole-up-and-write city.


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