Washington, DC 3

I was in Washington, DC, last weekend. It was a gorgeous springtime trip to the nation’s capitol. I went to a whole bunch of fun places: the Washington Monument, the National Museum of American History, the National Museum of the American Indian, the WWII Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial, the White House, the Capitol Building, the Library of Congress (including the Asian Reading Room, which I got to take a special tour of), and the National Arboretum. Here’s a video I made of my experiences there. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Washington, DC

  • Gayle

    Wow!!! That is such an amazing video! The trip looks so fun and you coordinated the images perfectly with the music. Didn’t know you were such a talented videographer, but then I’m not surprised–you are good at everything!

  • Anne Post author

    Yeah, that’s them! Their little cameos make this video way more fun than if it was just monuments. 🙂