Summer in the Country 1

This is my lovely afternoon today. I am in Maine right now, and for the first time in over a week, I am taking some time to just relax. It just so happens I’m lucky enough to have a pool at hand while I kick back and enjoy the sunshine. Who’d have thought I’d be getting a tan in Maine?

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One thought on “Summer in the Country

  • Anne Jansen

    Hi. I was just wanting to write to say that I recently set my own name up as a Google Alert and started to receive your wonderful blog! I would have never come across it had both of our names not been the same!

    I thought I’d introduce myself. Well, my name is Anne Jansen, middle name of Marie, a native St. Louisan, born artist, and now a jewelry artisan for the last five years. I run a small business called, “The Key of A”, which is an upcycled jewelry and accessory company here in Missouri.

    I don’t know if you knew that I existed, but I thought I would reach out and make the connection with you!

    Good name, nice blog! Wish I could visit Maine myself, not just my name! LOL