a little love poem

It’s Valentine’s Day and I want to share a poem by Andrea Gibson with you. It’s a lovely poem, a poem of love, a poem I love. First, I should explain that I typically dislike Valentine’s Day — not for its focus on love, but because (as a former employee of Hallmark and Fred Meyer Jewelers) I find it disheartening how many people participate in V-Day celebrations solely through consumerism and a sense of obligation. Or worse, out of a fear of retribution should they forget to deliver the generic gifts of flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and huggable stuffed toys.

So, poetry. I’m teaching an Intro to Poetry class this semester and the poem I want to share with you is one of the poems we looked at today in class. It’s one of the most beautiful and powerful poems I’ve come across. My students seemed to think so, too (which was a true gift in its own right). You can find the full text of the poem here if you want to follow along (her performance is very fast-paced), but this poem is one best experienced as a performance. It’s called “I Do” and is written and performed by Andrea Gibson:

I hope you enjoyed this poem as much as I do! If you like Andrea Gibson, “I Do” is in her 2008 collection called Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns and she has another poetry collection and several albums. Have a happy V-Day…and remember, there are 364 (sometimes 365!) other days in the year to be kind and generous to the people you love. 🙂

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