winter treat


Two snow days in a row — I’m so happy I had the chance to get some work done (and also enjoy the beautiful snow outside). So here’s a little poetic treat on this winter night. It’s one of Nikki Giovanni’s from her newest collection, Chasing Utopia, and is one of my current faves:

“Podcast for Bicycles”

I loved before
I understood;
Love is a skill

I loved my Mother’s cool hands
On my forehead

I loved the safety
Of her arms
I trusted
Before I understood
The word

Mommy would say
When I had fallen:
“Come here, Nikki,
and I’ll pick you up”

and I would wipe my eyes
push myself off my fat bottom
and tottle over to her
for my reward:
a kiss and a “That’s my Big Girl!”

I am still a sucker
For that one

But I grew up
And learned
Trust and love
Are crafts we practice
Are wheels
We balance
Our lives on

We ride
Through challenges and changes

To escape and ecstasy

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