My Paper Addiction

One of Neatography’s Paper Goods boxes.

Well, I really like writing letters and it appears I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to stationery. Recently, I located several really cool stationery subscription services. I used to use Lost Crates, but they’ve gone out of business (unfortunately). However, their end led me to discover some really amazing services. Although I can’t afford to subscribe to all of them, I’ve sampled them all at some time or another and have really been pleased with the results. Here are three of my faves:

  • Neatography: A delicious monthly paper goods box or cards & stamps box (your choice — $27/month for paper goods box, $17/month for cards & stamps) that’s wonderfully curated, Neatography is the paper subscription service I’ve come to rely on. Excellent value, beautiful variety, and great customer service!
  • Mister Ghost: A spooky selection of prints, postcards, stickers, greeting cards, and more, Mister Ghost’s Highly Enviable Monthly Parcel of Simple Yet Amazing Wonderments is a fun and cheap box ($20/month) that’ll get your spirits up with each delivery.
  • Haute Box: Haute Box, by Etsy’s HautePapier, is a hand-curated stationery service ($20/box) that’s available as often as once a quarter ($80/year for 4 boxes) and as infrequently as a single purchase ($20/box). Since the price remains the same no matter what kind of subscription you order, it’s a fun box to treat yourself to once in a blue moon or to have delivered once a season.
  • Antiquaria: The Antiquaria Design Studio’s quarterly subscription box ($30/quarter) includes stationery, vintage ephemera, and other assorted goodies that paper lovers will adore. It’s cute and fun, but (disappointingly) only comes around once a season. Still, it’s a fun delivery to your door every three months.

As an aside, for nerds like me there’s a lovely geeky subscription box called Loot Crate that delivers a delightful assortment of nerdery to your mailbox once a month for one, three, or six months in a row ($19.37, $55.11, or $105.99 respectively) as you wish. Also, a friend of mine recommended Yuzen‘s seasonal box for people who want a spa-in-a-box dropped off on their doorstep, Petit Vour‘s monthly box for those interested in vegan beauty products, and Orange Glad’s monthly Sweet Box for those of us who are hooked on desserts.

Anyway, I love these little boxes and thought you might enjoy some of them as much as I have in the past. I mean, hey, it’s summertime and we could all use a little bit of fun — whether it’s for ourselves, or a gift for others (most of these services have gift options). Share the love, right?

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