book map = pure delight

Dorothy_0050b_Book MapI was recently clicking around on Electric Literature (an awesome non-profit site for lovers of stories) and stumbled across their feature on We Are Dorothy‘s amazing Book Map. I don’t think anything I can write would really do this piece justice. Suffice it to say I ordered myself a print, had it framed, and have made my office its home — what better wall decor is there for a literature professor’s office? It’s a really whimsical, fun print that brings me countless hours of enjoyment. Every time I look at it, I see new allusions and features. I’m consistently impressed with the thoughtful placement of street names, waterways, buildings, parks, and other literary locations.

Dorothy also has maps of films and television shows, start charts of sci-fi and horror references, periodic tables of social issues, and many more fun and creative (not to mention very skillfully designed) works of art. I had to share — I’m just so impressed!

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